Late Eneolithic

Map of Late Eneolithic migrations, from the collection of Maps of prehistoric migrations.

For context and reference, please read the book on Indo-European and Uralic migrations.

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Current version: 6.3 (March 2021)

Map of Late Eneolithic migrations ca. 4000-3350 BC. See full map.

NOTE. As of September 2020, there is a new intermediate map showing the Final Eneolithic period, set between the previous Late Eneolithic and Early Chalcolithic maps.


Maps of Y-DNA, mtDNA, and ADMIXTURE

pdf-logoY-DNA Data (PDF). 28 March 2020.

openlayers-logoOpenLayers Y-DNA Map (slow to load!). 10 June 2020.

pdf-logomtDNA data (PDF). 28 March 2020.

openlayers-logoOpenLayers mtDNA Map (slow to load!). 3 June 2020.

pdf-logoADMIXTURE K=7 (PDF). December 2019.

Image with no labels (JPG). February 2019.

Older versions

Fifth version: 2019-2020

Map of Late Eneolithic migrations ca. 4000-3300/3100 BC. See full map.

Fourth version: October 2017

Diachronic map of Eneolithic migrations ca. 4000-3100 BC

Third version: September 2017

Diachronic map of Eneolithic migrations ca. 4000-3100 BC

Second version: May 2017

Diachronic map of Neolithic migrations ca. 4000-3000 BC.

First version: February 2017

Older Maps: 2007

Neolithic Pontic-Caspian steppe – Middle Proto-Indo-European languages