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      I allow myself to contact you to know my origins from my DNA test done at igenea.
      I am French from south-eastern France (Provence) and my SNP is Y-R-ZZ12_1 confirming me a Celtic origin.
      but ZZ12_1 also indicates an origin by the mutation DF27 Basque and Aragon is the Celtic Atlantic branch (Western Iberia). Also this would reflect a migration from Germany from the Bell-Beaker culture in Chalcolithic to 2500 BC?
      all this information is just speculation on my part? Please explain if I’m on the right track or not
      Best regards
      Nb: my Big Y 700 gives me R-BY34793

      Carlos Quiles

        Hi Richard. A quick look at ancient DNA gives the following closely related sample to your R-BY34793:

        VK365: A 10th c. Viking from Denmark in Margaryan et al. (2020), of hg R-BY34800, within your same R-BY3289 branch. Taking a look at his ancestry, he shows ca. 72.4% “Modern Italian” ancestry, which doesn’t help much, but in its context (see image below) suggests a recent, more southern origin compared to many other Vikings of the region.


        Other varied ZZ12_1 samples are from Iberia BA and IA, and one Italy Renaissance, but that is probably the same problem as with modern DNA: too many samples from very specific areas. If we had more France BA and IA samples, the haplogroup would probably pop up much more in Western Europe before its expansion.

        SNP Explorer (image below) shows that France is a likely hotspot for the haplogroup. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be enough data to provide confident formation and TMRCA dates for all SNPs.


        The Big Tree estimates below for R-BY34793 (based on fewer samples, hence already outdated) shows a TMRCA around or slightly after the mid-second millennium, which might be related to the Urnfield migrations that were probably associated with the arrival of Celtiberians in the Iberian Peninsula.


        So yes, I’d agree that the most likely origin of expansion of your subclade lies to the north of the Pyrenees and is probably linked with ((Pre-?)Proto-?)Celtic-speaking peoples, based on the most likely Proto-Celtic homeland.

        As for a Bell Beaker origin of DF27, sure, I don’t think there is any doubt today about that.

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